The new generation of microprocessor-based tabletop centrifuges models uses a brushless induction motor with frequency drive enabling the user to pre-set speed & time with a high degree of accuracy. The display of set parameters like speed, time, etc. makes the unit an ideal choice for repetitive sample analysis.

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Product Feature

TD6B Benchtop Low Speed High Capacity Centrifuge

◆ Metal external case. Stainless steel chamber with guarding ring.

◆ Electronic safety lock prevents cover opening during centrifugation.

◆ Manually lid open in case of failure or emergency.

◆ Gas spring to prevent falling of lid.

◆ Imbalance fault detection with auto shutdown

◆ With silent-block and shock absorbers that guarantee a smooth and quiet operation.

◆ Recall of last set parameters. (Useful for repetitive analysis).

◆ Short spin function

◆ Reliable drive system. Induction motor maintenance free.

◆ Microprocessor control of all functions: speed, time, acceleration/deceleration, rcf, error display.

◆ Comprehensive selection of rotors and adapters

◆ Produced according to national and international safety standards (e.g. IEC 61010).

◆ ISO9001, ISO13485, CE international standards are met.

◆ * Selectable: Lid open automatically at the end of run.

Rotor List


No.1 Angle Rotor

Max speed : 4000rpm
Capacity : 24 x 10ml
Max rcf : 3670xg
ØxL: 16x92mm


No.2 Angle Rotor

Max speed : 6000rpm
Capacity : 12 x 15ml
Max rcf : 5080xg
ØxL: 18x102mm


*No.3 Swing Rotor

Max speed : 4000rpm
Capacity : 16 x 15ml
Max rcf : 3100xg
ØxL: 18x92mm


*No.4 Swing Rotor

Max speed : 4000rpm
Capacity : 24 x 15ml
Max rcf : 3000xg
ØxL: 18x92mm


  *No.5 Swing Rotor

Max speed : 4000rpm
Capacity : 32 x 15ml/10ml/5ml/2ml
Max rcf : 3000xg
ØxL: 18 x 92mm(15ml)
18 x 88mm(10ml)


*No.6 Swing Rotor

Max speed : 4000rpm
Capacity : 8 x 50ml
Max rcf : 3040xg
ØxL: 30.5x92mm


No.7 Swing Rotor

Max speed : 4000rpm
Capacity : 16 x 50ml
Max rcf : 3520xg
ØxL: 30.5x86.5mm


*No.8 Swing Rotor

Max speed : 4000rpm
Capacity : 8 x 100ml
Max rcf : 2950xg
ØxL: 42.5x100mm


  No.9 Swing Rotor

Max speed : 4000rpm
Capacity : 80 x 5ml/2ml
Max rcf : 3620xg/3260xg


No.10 Swing Rotor

Max speed : 4000rpm
Capacity : 96 x 5ml/2ml
Max rcf : 3620xg/3405xg


No.11 Swing Rotor

Max speed : 4000rpm
Capacity :4 x 250ml
Max rcf : 2990xg
ØxL: 63.5x90mm

No.12 Swing Rotor

Max speed : 4000rpm
Capacity : 4 x 500ml
Max rcf : 3520xg
ØxL: 81x105mm


No.13 Swing Rotor

Max speed : 4000rpm
Capacity : 2 x 2 x 96holes
Max rcf : 2390xg
ØxL: 137x87x42mm

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