High Speed Centrifuge


In principle, high speed centrifuge is a device that uses centrifugal force to separate particles of different mass or densities suspended in a liquid. Rotating the solution in the tube at high speeds gives the angular momentum of each particle a centrifugal force proportional to its mass. When the centrifugal force acting on a particular particle is balanced by the resistance exerted by the liquid against it, the particle moves through the liquid at a constant speed. As a result of the sample being rotated in the centrifuge, dense-mass particles move outward faster than particles of lower mass or that exert more friction on the liquid. When a suspension of particles is spun in the centrifuge, separation occurs, forming a compacted precipitate at the bottom of the vessel. 

In product, this series offer speed from 10000rpm to 21000rpm or RCF from 10000xg to 47400xg. According to the machine size, it can be divided into floor standing centrifuge, table top centrifuge and mini centrifuge. 

According to the temperature control, it can be divided into refrigerated centrifuge and non-refrigerated centrifuge.

It is suitable for micro tubes of 0.2ml, 0.5ml,1.5ml, 2.0ml and conical tubes of 10ml, 15ml, 50ml, also for large bottles as big as 250-500ml.

It has a wide application in scientific research, education and production departments such as biochemistry, genetic engineering, agriculture and forestry, food hygiene, hospital medicine, etc. 


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